Our Story

Development of the ScheduleWerks product began in 2004 when our founder’s wife became an ice scheduler for their local hockey association. He watched as she was spending far too much time scheduling on paper and in spreadsheets because the software the association had purchased scheduling for scheduling really didn’t do scheduling. It merely helped collect and report the information back to her after she had already done the “heavy lifting”.

After spending some time learning how hockey scheduling was done and looking at all of the different scheduling products on the market it was determined that no product existed that met hockey’s unique scheduling needs. So over the course of 2 years the ScheduleWerks product was developed.

Much time was spent learning how scheduling was done in the hockey world to meet the unique needs of hockey. This was done in an effort to build a product that made your job as a scheduler fast and easy. Simply put, our goal with the ScheduleWerks product was to save you time!

In the spring of 2006 we partnered with SportNGIN to help you and your association out further by adding the ability to publish your schedule onto a Puck Systems powered association website. What does this mean for you? This means once you have scheduled your ice with the ScheduleWerks product you can publish all of your team’s schedules onto the web with a few simple clicks. No re-typing…No separate e-teams websites…No time wasted!